Prof stds top level

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Professional knowledge 1. Know students and how they learn
Professional knowledge 2. Know the content and how to teach it
Professional practice 3. Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning
Professional practice 4. Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments
Professional practice 5. Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning
Professional engagement 6. Engage in professional learning
Professional engagement 7. Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

force and motion

Term Definition
acceleration equals the change in velocity divided by the time for the change to take place; occurs when an object speeds up, slows down, or turns
momentum a measure of how difficult it is to stop a moving object; equal the product of mass and velocity
speed equal the distance traveled divided by the time it takes to travel that distance
velocity speed and direction of a moving object
newtons first law of motion states that if the net force acting on an object is zero, the object will remain at rest or move in a straight line with a constant speed
newtons third law of motion states that forces always act in equal but opposite pair
balance forces two or more forces whose effects cancel each other out and do not change the motion of an object
friction forces that act to oppose sliding between two surface that are touching
unbalance forces two or more acting on an object that do not cancel, and cause the object to accelerate
newton second law of motion states that an object acted upon by a net force will accelerate in the direction of the force, and that the acceleration equal the net force divided by the object mass


newton's 1 law of motion
newton's 2 law of motion
newton's 3 law of motion
unbalanced forces
unbalance force


Question Answer
subway underground train
subheading a title given to one of the parts or divisions of a piece of writing
submerge cover with water
submit give in, turn in, yield
subtropical relating to an area that is close to tropical parts of the world
suburb town close to a city
submarine underwater ship
substitute replacement
subzero temperatures below zero; very cold
subsoil layer of earth below the topsoil

Pre uni module 5

Question Answer
Attic A small room inside the roof of a house
Scrawly Written untidily
Instant Immediate
Tease To torment
Bay To bark or howl loudly
Cringe To react in fear
Quest A journey or adventure
Pleasant Pleasing; enjoyable
Interrupt To obstruct or stop something from happening
Gnarled Twisted and knotted
Shove The act of pushing someone or something
Instantly At once
Entertaining Amusing ; interesting
Vanish To disappear
Mimic To copy

Driven to Distractio Academic Vocabulary and Spelling Words

Term Definition
feuding take part in a prolonged quarrel or conflict.
interruption the action of interrupting or being interrupted.
reassembled put (something) together again.
devastating highly destructive or damaging.
distracted unable to concentrate because one's mind is preoccupied.
cognitively the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses, learning, understanding, comprehension.
overwhelmed overpower or overcome, especially with superior forces; destroy; crush.
compiled produce (something, especially a list, report, or book) by assembling information collected from other sources.
illegal contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law.
linger stay in a place longer than necessary, typically because of a reluctance to leave.
obviously in a way that is easily perceived or understood; clearly.
pelvis the large bony structure near the base of the spine to which the hind limbs or legs are attached in humans and many other vertebrates.

pastry arts

Question Answer
Mixer attachment used to knead dough Dough hook
Refrigerator that can warm up to prepare dough for baking Retarder-Proofer
Used to bake hearth breads Deck oven
Fermentation Process where yeast carbohydrates into carbon dioxide gas and alcohol
Gluten Formed by proteins present in wheat flour
Hearth bread Backed on the bottom of the oven, not in a pan
Old dough Dough that was over fermented
Oven spring The rise of yeast dough in the oven, caused by the heat of the oven
Patent flour Bread flour
Proofing Fermenting made-up by yeast to increase the volume and lighten the texture before baking
Young dough Dough that is under fermented
MFB shortening

force and motion

Term Definition
acceleration equals the change the change in velocity divided by the time to take place when an objects speeds up ,slows down ,or turns
momentun a mesure of how dificult it is to stop a moving object equals the product of mass and velocity
speed is a way of measuring how quickly something is moving or being done, or something moving fast.
verlocity s a physical vector quantity; both magnitude and direction are needed to define it.
Newtons first law of motion Newton's first law of motion – sometimes referred to as the law of inertia.
balenced forces are two forces acting in opposite directions on an object, and equal in size. Anytime there is a balanced force on an abject, the object stays still or continues moving continues to move at the same speed and in the same direction.
friction he resistance to motion of one object moving relative to another. It is not a fundamental force, like gravity or electromagnetism.
unbalanced forces When balanced forces act on an object at rest, the object will not move. If you push against a wall, the wall pushes back with an equal but opposite force.
Newtons second law of motion Newton's second law of motion can be formally stated as follows: The acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude
Newtons third law of motion A force is a push or a pull that acts upon an object as a results of its interaction with another object.

Pastry 3B (CSCA) Classic Doughs

Question Answer
PATE BRISEE Also known as flaky dough, short paste, or pie crust dough. Basic dough is made from flour, salt, butter, and ice water. Pate Brisee has more salt than Pate Foncer.
PATE a FONCER Also known as mealy dough and very similar to pate brisee. The main difference is in the mixing technique. Pate a foncer is less flaky than pate brisee and may contain a small amount of sugar.
PATE SUCREE Sweet version of Pate Brisee, with the addition of sugar and usually an egg yolk.
SABLER Literally means “to reduce to sand.” This refers to the process of breaking the butter into the flour/salt mixture when making Pate Brisee. The butter is reduced to approximately pea size.
PAPILLON The process of adding the ice water when making Pate Brisee. Make a trough down the center of the flour/butter mixture, adding the water 1 tablespoon at a time, and then fluffing or “butterflying” the water into the flour/butter mixture.
FRAISAGE Taking the heal of your hand and gently pushing the dough out parallel to the counter. This helps to create layers of butter and dough. This is the final step in making Pate Brisee.
A BLANC Blind baking. Baking a piecrust without a filling. You can either dock the crust and bake it or you can place foil or parchment paper on top of the crust and fill it with pie weights or you can do both.
CRIMP OR FLUTE The decorative edge on the rim of a pie. It also helps to seal a double-crusted pie.
DOCK To make holes all over the crust to keep it from puckering up while baking. You would not dock a crust to be filled with a very liquid filling.
BARQUETTE Small mold in the shape of a boat.
PIE American in design and can be sweet or savory. Served directly out of the pan. Deep dish with sloping sides
TART European open-faced version of the pie. Short sided pan with removable bottom and fluted edges.

Le calendrier

Question Answer
janvier January
fA?vrier February
mars March
avril April
mai May
juin June
juillet July
aoA»t August
septembre September
octobre October
novembre November
dA©cembre December